Craig is an accomplished, self-taught, director and writer. Originally a software engineer and honours graduate of the University of New South Wales, Craig opted to abscond from the GFC-induced wreckage of his former IT employer and pursue the more creatively fulfilling and stable #lol_jk career of his dreams in film. Craig has a penchant for dark tales and dark humour – he lists having made a comedic short where everyone dies at the end as one of his proudest achievements #spoileralert. His work has been decorated with multiple awards and made him the alumni of over three dozen festivals worldwide.

Craig’s most recent film: werewolf horror/comedy Overtime, has been an international crowd favourite! It opened the 2016 St Kilda Film Festival to the rapturous laughter and applause of 3000 stylishly dressed Melbournians and moved on to feature in over 25 festivals worldwide including Palm Springs, Fantasia, Manhattan Short, Fantastic Fest & Grossman. It picked up two Special Mention awards (they’re the best kind you know), qualified for the Academy Awards, got listed multiple times as a critic favourite and was nominated for an Australian Writer’s Guild (AWG) Award for its outstanding screenplay. This was Craig’s second AWG honour - in 2013 Craig co-authored a short claustrophobic action/thriller script Trunk that took home the ‘Monte Miller’ Award for Best Unproduced Short Screenplay. To round it all out Overtime hit digital in 2018 with a Vimeo Staff Pick on launch, rave reviews and a Weekly Feature on Film Shortage.

Craig’s other projects include My Mother’s Letter: a deeply personal exploration of the emotional complexities surrounding adoption told through the eyes of a child – inspired by the life of his partner and co-creator Emma McKenna. And Parrot, which explores an atheist’s approach to grief whilst trapped in a strict Catholic family. Parrot screened at a dozen festivals and also won the Best Short Film Award at both the San Francisco Atheist Film Festival and the New York Faith Film Festival – a testament to the film’s balance and delicacy.

Craig was also a guest director (and Producer, Assistant Director and overall heavy contributor) on the highly acclaimed web series The Justice Lease – which finally shone a much-needed light on the Aussie origins of Batman and Superman #truestory.

In 2018, Craig is studying at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School. A hallmark contribution to his long-lived ambition to remove ‘self-taught’ from the top of his bio. Over the years Craig has also worked on dozens of projects as an Assistant Director including the ABC series The Letdown, indie feature The School and Australia’s flagship, internationally loved soap opera Home & Away.

Craig’s future ambitions include expanding his repertoire of commercial and television work and cracking into feature films.